Two 8 oz Boxes of Your Choice!

Two 8 oz Boxes of Your Choice!

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Want to try a little bit of everything? Pick two 8 oz boxes of your choice! Please find the descriptions for each box below.  


8 oz Rebecca Ruth Bourbon Balls: A spirited Kentucky bourbon center cream dipped in our Rebecca Ruth® dark chocolate and crowned with a Southern pecan.


8 oz Bourbon Collection: Bourbon Balls, Bourbon Coffee Creams, and Mint Juleps, all covered in dark chocolate.


8 oz Classic Liquor Assortment: Bourbon Balls, Rum Balls, Scotch Balls, Cognac Balls, Mint Julep Balls, and Bourbon Coffee Cream Balls, all covered in dark chocolate.

8 oz Edna's Party Pleasers: Assorted milk chocolates including caramels, toffees, caramel nut charlies, puffamels, maple creams, peanut butter creams, and more.


8 oz Triple Crown Assortment: Bourbon Balls plus an assortment of liquor-free milk and dark chocolates.

8 oz Bourbon Truffles: Smooth luscious truffles specially made by Rebecca Ruth. Handcrafted with real Kentucky Bourbon, pure butter and the finest double conched dark chocolate.


8 oz Dark Chocolate Covered Bourbon Caramels with Sea Salt: Old fashion stiff butter caramels made with Kentucky Bourbon and Sea Salt, covered in dark chocolate.


8 oz Mint Kentucky Colonels: Refreshing herbal mint (non-liquor) cream center with a hidden salted & roasted pecan all covered in dark chocolate.


8 oz Mint Julep: 100 Proof Bourbon blended with our herbal mint cream. A Kentucky tradition topped with a salted pecan.


8 oz Bourbon & Mint Julep: A mix of half Bourbon Balls and half Mint Julep chocolates.