16 oz Build Your Own Box!
16 oz Build Your Own Box!

16 oz Build Your Own Box!

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Build your own 16 oz box! Choose up to 5 different candies!

These boxes are carefully hand packed for your enjoyment, so you may experience a 1-2 day delay in your status/shipment update.

*Please Note: Our products are not allergen free.*


Liquor-Free Candy:

Liquor Candy:

  • Coconut Creams (Milk or Dark)
  • Coconut Clusters (Milk)
  • Chocolate Covered Caramel
    (Milk or Dark)
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries
    (Milk or Dark)
  • Bacon Maple Creams (Milk)
  • Chocolate Creams (Milk)
  • French Vanilla Creams (Dark)
  • Peanut Butter Creams (Milk)
  • Orange Jellies (Dark)
  • Raspberry Jellies (Dark)
  • Mint KY Colonels (Dark)
  • Pretzel Turtles (Milk)
  • Almond Turtles (Milk)
  • Cashew Turtles (Milk)
  • Pecan Turtles (Milk or Dark)
  • Horse Head (Solid Milk)
  • Horse & Jockey (Solid Dark)
  • Sugar Free- Chocolate Covered Caramel (Milk)
  • Sugar Free- Chocolate Cherries (Milk)
  • Rebecca Ruth Bourbon Balls (Dark)
  • Bourbon Caramels (Dark)
  • Bourbon Cherries (Dark)
  • Bourbon Coffee Creams (Dark)
  • Bourbon Toffee (Dark)
  • Bourbon Truffles (Dark)
  • Cognac Balls (Dark)
  • Mint Juleps (Dark)
  • Moonshine Apple Pie (Dark)
  • Rum Balls (Dark)
  • Scotch Balls (Dark)




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